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Welcome Class of 2016. Let the journey begin!

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“Lifework Leadership invests in the renewal and transformation of leaders, and empowers them to lead their business, their families, and their communities by Godly principles.”

“I joined this year’s Lifework class with high
expectations… This year has been a great
opportunity to intentionally focus on building
leadership qualities through great teaching,
outstanding speakers and building relationships
with other leaders on the First Coast.  I look
forward to continuing my journey and supporting
Lifework in the years to come as I strive to
be a leader worth following.”

“Lifework has also exposed me to a
number of national Christian leaders
whose teachings and influence have
given me clarity on what my
responsibilities are as a Marketplace
Leader for the future.”

“The rich teaching, extraordinary speakers,
and amazing people I met at Lifework
Leadership have been a source of rich
blessing during a pivotal point in my life
and career.”

Our Vision

We envision bringing vitality to cities by transforming and mobilizing Christian business leaders. Imagine a generation of business leaders who cross vocational, denominational, and racial lines to transform the minds and hearts of their companies, churches and communities. This is the vision that inspires and motivates those of us who have experienced the Lifework Leadership development program and community.

Our Mission

Lifework Leadership First Coast is committed to building a community of leaders who have been transformed from the inside out.

“The speakers and readings have been thought
provoking on my worldview and the table
discussions have helped grow my understanding
and empathy of others. The unexpected benefit
of the journey is the relationships I have built
over the last 9 months which I will be
purposeful in maintaining.”

“Lifework Leadership has opened my
eyes and mind. The lessons have
impacted my business and daily
walk with our LORD.”

“Lifework Leadership has shown me that,
as a leader, I can have success in this world
as well as the rich blessings of the inner
world provided by Christ. I am able to live
a more balanced life.”

“Lifework Leadership has been a jolt of focus
and confidence in my life with the Lord and in
the business world. It also introduced me to
other like-minded business professionals that
are now friends and in some cases partners
in our daily work.”

“Lifework Leadership allowed me to focus on my
role as a leader of a campus. Though I train
pastors and leaders as a professor, I have never
had the opportunity to explore many of these
areas reflectively in my own life. I especially
enjoyed building relationships with leaders in the
business community who gave me fresh
perspectives on how they have applied their faith
as leaders in their industries.”

“I attended the Lifework Leadership session in
2014. It had such a profound impact in my
business and personal life that I elected to
attend again in 2015. And again, an amazing

Get Involved

“Lifework Leadership equipped me to take my
faith more public, specifically in the work place.
It has opened my eyes to the racial barriers that
still exist and to be more intentional about
breaking them down.”

“Lifework Leadership has helped me incorporate
my faith with my day to day activities in the
business world. I also feel it has deepened my
relationship with Jesus, and I am now more
comfortable talking to others about my faith.”

“The speakers have been fantastic each and
every month, as they provided insight into
how Christ lives and works within us. I will be
sure to come back every year to continue my
Lifework journey and get to know members
of the future classes.”

Jax Leadercast


On behalf of your hosts, Lifework Leadership First Coast and Parc Foundation, we want to acknowledge and thank all of our attendees for coming to this year’s Leadercast! We hope you enjoyed a great day of inspirational lessons from our speakers.
We will see you again on May 6, 2016! – jaxleadercast.com

Informational Receptions

To learn more about Lifework Leadership, come join the Board and members of Lifework on the 3rd Monday of every month at Seasons 52 in The Town Center from 5:30-6:30 (networking and fellowship from 6:30-7:00p).

Dates: August 17 / September 21

Place: Napa Room, Seasons 52, The Town Center

Time: 5:30-7:00p